Tips for A Successful Juice Feast

Tips for A Successful Juice Feast

Winter Green JuiceI was inspired a few years ago, at this time (February), to begin a juice feast.  For those of you that follow me, you may have already surmised I am a “Live to Eat” type of personality so it isn’t an interest of mine to be unnecessarily hungry or deprive and go without.  You also may know that I have tried many things when it comes to food and mostly from a place of intuition and inspiration. What kinds of dietary changes have you made in your life?  Were they for a goal or to attain a particular outcome?

Since my work with others supports their inner wisdom, having experimented with many different ways has not only broadened my knowledge base but also has made it easier to share with others and empathize with others with ease (in addition to being an empath).  More people have asked me about feasting so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

In addition to a gallon of juice per day.  During my 21 day Feast, I also included the following foods:

Bee pollen 1 Tbsp a day on some days

Coconut oil 1 Tbsp a day on most days

Crystal Manna 1 Tbsp a day on most days

Coconut water (fresh) (this is delicious alone or with Crystal Manna added to it! 1-2 cups of coconut water per day.  You can also use this one as a pure source.


Hemp oil


Fresh ginger water, usually warmed since I was feasting in the winter


Additional “activities” I added:

Dry brushing my skin daily

Scraping my tongue in the mornings

Epsom salt baths with essential oils


The recipes below make a gallon of juice each (unless noted).  It took me an hour from start to finish to prepare them and clean up after making the juice.


10 cucumbers

6 apples

6 stalks celery (about 1/2 of a celery bunch/heart)

1/2 bunch of kale (or more)

1 lemon or lime


7 medium apples

2 limes

11 cucumbers


48 stalks celery

13 carrots

6 apples


7 cucumbers

2 Romaine hearts

1 celery heart bunch (about 12 stalks)

2 beets plus about 3 inches of stems

2 apples


1 celery heart bunch (about 12 stalks)

2 limes

1 pineapple

1 bunch curly kale plus stems

1 Romaine heart (of a bag of 3)

4 cups coconut water (from 2 Thai coconuts)

3 apples

3 cucumbers


4 cucumber

2 grapefruit

10 strawberries

6 carrots

1 beet plus 4 inches of stem

3 stalks bok choy

1 celery heart bunch (about 12 stalks)

2 apples

1 lime

This made 13 1/2 cups juice.  Not my favorite but include it here as a later juice in my feast when I added more variety for different nutrients and flavors.  It is fun to experiment!!

Being a mom with 2 kids, I brought my juice to many places with me:

To work

To celebrate Valentine’s Day

To birthday parties for the kids

To playdates

To Chipotle

To potluck gatherings

To ceremony

I got used to carrying my bottles with me.  Since I often pack for the day here are some tips to make it easier if you are an “out and about all day” kind of person:

  1.  Consider making your juice the night before.  This is not as ideal as drinking it fresh but if that will be an excuse to not do it, then go for the night before preparation!
  2. Store juice in glass or stainless bottles and make sure they are sealed well.
  3. Transfer from the large gallon container (I used a large glass gallon container) to smaller bottles to have with you “for meals.” It helps keep them cold and to drink throughout the day.
  4. Keep the bottles on cold packs and in a cooler.  Even though I did my feast in winter cold months, I still kept them on additional ice packs.
  5. Keep a journal and notes while you are feasting.  As you detox and cleanse you may see an ebb and flow of your clarity, state of mind, body aches, pains or shifts and more.  Document what you see for yourself.
  6. Keep on moving with light to moderate exercise as you feel works for you.  I danced, walked, had light hikes and did basic yoga stretching.  If you have a vibration machine, that is also helpful.  I didn’t have one at the time but would add that if I did.
  7. Consider other support for detoxification such as lymphatic massage, acupuncture, colonic, far infrared sauna and foot baths.
  8. Make a goal for duration but allow yourself to listen to your body’s needs.  I set out to have a month long feast and felt complete at 21 days.  Many things written about feasting speak of up to 75 days or more.
  9. Work with a healthcare practitioner before beginning to make sure you are fully supported.  Also share with close friends and family about your goal to enlist support and be clear that invitations out to dinner may not be as welcomed during this time but hanging for a cup o’ tea works!
  10. Enjoy this reset time.  It is a gift you are giving to yourself.  If you are following guidance from inside, it can flow rather than a “should do” list item to reach some external goal.  Listen.

Many blessings on your Feast of Fun!   Comment here with suggestions you may have and/or questions!

Have you participated in a juice feast before?  If so, what are your favorite combinations?  Share them with us!


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