“Wendy and I have worked together for more than ten years, she has seen many of my patients who have had difficulties with special diets, whether it’s celiac, irritable bowel, fatigue, weight gain or allergies. She has creatively produced diets and counseling on eating for these folks who have found her reliable, kind and straightforward in her recommendations and nutrition. Nutrition is complicated, diets even more so, as each of us have different needs and each of us have emotional ties to food. Wendy recognizes this and blends her expertise with her wisdom and her kindness to make visits beneficial for her clients. Wendy has been a gift to our community.”
Gregory Gelburd, DO, Medical Director, Downtown Family Health
“Dr X told me to start taking it. I think you told me that 2 or 3 years ago.
He vetoed it at that time. You are ahead of the medical profession.”
Anonymous in NY
“Wendy is one of the most intuitive people I know. When ever she does work with our family I feel as though she is a vessel to the higher source and can communicate intuitive insights that are always flat out correct. She has made leaps and bounds using her energy work between my husband and I. Where there used to be unbound less forms of communication there are now clear boundaries and a deeper sense of love as approached our surface. It is as if there is a wall that cannot be crossed for old unhealthy past patterns. We believe she gave us a tune up for the next phase of our life together.
Thank you Wendy!!!”
“I’ve known Wendy for 10 years and even though this was the first time I’ve ever worked with Wendy I completely trusted her to work with me with deep care, integrity and spot-on intuition. I was also a little weary since I am pretty attuned to energy and am very particular about who I let work on me energetically. I decided to take a chance on Wendy!

I have been personally committed to my own emotional healing for the last 15 years through a multitude of formats:  Forrest yoga, Core Energetics (body-oriented psychotherapy),  Pathwork, Barbara Brennan energy work, Hellinger Family Constellation work, Shiatsu, acupuncture, Internal Family Systems therapy, Ad Humanitas, Nia, 5Rhythms & other movement forms, shamanic counseling, EMDR—the list goes on and on.  I have been working diligently all these years to free my Self from the shadows of my parents’ and grandparents’ trauma stories of war & displacement from their country of origin; to free myself from the shadows of a past life story of death by execution as well as being a witness to the execution of my entire family; to free myself from the grief of losing my father to cancer when I turned 30; and, to free myself from the onslaught of terror that infiltrated my personal life when my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart arrhythmia at the age of 29 and the subsequent life-or-death medical traumas we have endured.  My commitment to and hard work with my own healing process is working and the veils are lifting, as is the pain in all of its manifestations.

With that said, however, I was very surprised at the ease and speed of transformation after just 2 sessions with Wendy!  Within a day or two after the session I felt a very distinct difference with the energy around my heart.  It felt like the block I had to allowing people in was suddenly gone and was replaced by a gentle, safe and inviting softness.   For the first time in a very long time I feel at ease connecting with people and an ability to reach out and connect without the accompanying inertia and subsequent energy drain.  I have also been amazed to discover that the foggy-brain I was erratically plagued with has disappeared, and my daily energy levels seem to be consistently high, instead of sluggish.  I like that Wendy worked remotely with me and that I didn’t need to be in her physical presence, although I asked her to let me know when she was going to work on me.  I was so inspired by the experience that I am looking to get certified in Emotion Code myself so that I can help others.  Wendy certainly possesses the depth of skills, knowledge and wisdom needed to provide a strong foundation for her Emotion Code sessions.

At the end of our session Wendy communicated what emotions were cleared and how many sessions were needed to finish clearing.  She also tested for supportive therapies that would help the clearing process and recommended 2 essential oils that I found very nurturing and pleasant to apply.  Wendy followed up with me afterwards to make sure that I was integrating well after our sessions were completed—I truly felt cared for and in good hands with Wendy and I was assured by her depth of skills, knowledge and wisdom.  I highly recommend a session with her to anyone and everyone!”

A.S. Crozet, VA
“Wendy is a very powerful, kind and thorough healer.  She is present, and she’s a deep listener.  Wendy holds a grounded, deep focus and heard all the things I said I wanted healing around and then picked up on tons more that was actually going on, related to my process. She is very thorough and held my hand thru the whole healing process; she also followed up with extremely specific information to allow for even deeper healing/clearing to occur.  We had four remote healing sessions together, and I felt Wendy’s steady and nurturing support throughout, via phone calls, emails and texts. She REALLY had my healing in total focus.  I was very impressed with how thorough and specific her process was!  Aside from Wendy’s obvious professionalism and strong healing abilities, the results were really fantastic. I felt my psyche, heart and body, even, shift and release old stuff in the days after each session.  Wendy’s knowledge about essential oils and flower essences were another surprising gift she offered to help integrate the healings from our sessions.  All in all, I feel like I released a LOT of age-old stuff that was limiting me in ways I didn’t even know. Not unlike losing old, heavy & useless bags at the airport, I feel like I’ve moved forward since my sessions with Wendy with more strength, peace and ease. I feel lighter and more in present-time with myself. I highly recommend working with Wendy Vigdor-Hess! Not only are her rates very fair (big plus!), but she gives you a lot of focused attention during and after each session, she’s super-knowledgeable, and she’s really devoted to clearing away old stuff so your vibrant, essential self can totally thrive!”
M.L., Los Angeles, CA
“Wendy helped me locate the best options for my families health and provided energetic support when things were very hard! I appreciate her energy work and recommend it to other families who need that extra support during difficult times. It was especially helpful for our health!”
“Wendy is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Being in her presence alone is healing. I feel fortunate to know her and to have gotten the chance to experience her work first hand. Not only have my digestive issues dramatically improved, but on three different occasions I contacted her about a sick child and in every instance the child was notably improved within hours. One of the times our primary care doctor told us it was a 5-7 day virus and with Wendy’s suggestions my daughter was fever free two hours later with the virus never to return! Families should be lining up to have the chance to work with her. I couldn’t recommend her more!”
EC, Charlottesville, VA
“Wendy Vigdor Hess is a true healer! When our son was having some emotional “growing pains” going on, we asked Wendy for some support. Not only did she provide deep healing energy for him, she ended up working on and supporting our WHOLE family. Her energy work helped our son to be more calm, relaxed and comfortable in his body. I don’t know what he actually experienced, but I know the changes happened. When Wendy was doing the healing work with me, I personally felt a lot of positive energy, peace and a strong increased feeling of relaxation and calmness. My whole family is blessed to have received her healing energy! Working with Wendy allowed me to see things with a new view. The deep healing helped me to have a whole new perspective on how I saw things. The degree to which she showed a caring for our family went well beyond what I had expected. She is a beautiful person and healer!”
K.R., Chicago, IL
“Wendy is an amazing, nurturing, attentive practitioner.  She genuinely cares about and listens to her clients.  Physical, emotional, and mental health of herself and others is clearly her life’s work. When you work with her you truly have a sense that you are in good hands. For me personally, Wendy was instrumental in my healing from Lyme’s disease.  She advised me on the right supplements and needs for my body.  I truly believe that I wouldn’t feel as strong and healthy as I do today if  not for her support.”
Maegan Williams McCardle
“Hey Wendy!  Just wanted to give you an update on our 4 yo son. He is doing much better.  Mostly sleeping through the night and seems more secure in general.  It is nice to see him happier and more relaxed.  Thank you so much for all your help.”
AH, North Carolina