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What is the Emotion Code?

taken from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code”
The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even cancer. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.”


“Muscle testing is a noninvasive tool we can use to identify imbalances in the body. The science behind it is similar to a lie detector test or a polygraph. In a polygraph, a person is hooked up to sensitive electrodes and asked certain questions. The person’s answers generate a certain electrical response in the body, which is read and graphed by the machine, showing if the answers are true or false. This is done on a very delicate, minute scale. The muscles of the body are also affected by this electrical state- so we can use them to show this same response, just on a more pronounced, larger scale. Any muscle will become weakened in a state of incongruence or falsehood, making resistance difficult. Conversely, muscles will remain strong and able to resist when in a state of congruency or truth. What’s nice is that muscle testing allows us to access important information about health, we just have to know what questions to ask, then apply the resistance to a muscle and get our answers!”


“Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events, right? It’s not all in your head! Emotional baggage is very real, and although it’s invisible it can really mess up your happiness, your success and your health. It’s like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you’ve gone through- eventually the load gets too heavy not to notice. I call each “suitcase” a Trapped Emotion- a bit of emotional energy that was created, by you, during an emotional event, and got stuck in your body somewhere.”

“Trapped Emotions are literally like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the emotion is (for example, Anger is a different vibration than Sadness or Insecurity). Trapped Emotions are negative, destructive vibrations, and tend to affect the body wherever they are stuck, creating pain and malfunction of bodily tissues, even disease. They can also cause depression, anxiety and loads of emotional problems.”


“During times of emotional pain or distress, your heart can be really hurt or injured- this is where the words “heartache” and “heartbreak” come from. Sometimes we need to put up a form of protection, or a “wall” around the heart – but you can’t build a wall of nothing, right? What ends up being used as “building materials” are the most common excess energies in the body- Trapped Emotions. The problem is that the Heart-Wall doesn’t dissolve on its own, even if you don’t need it anymore. Having a Heart-Wall long-term is like living in a bomb shelter- it’s necessary short-term to protect you while the “bombs” are falling, but if you continue to “live” in there you’ll feel sad, disconnected, frustrated and you could even end up with heart disease or other heart problems down the road. The Heart-Wall can be removed, one emotion at a time- freeing you to live from your heart, create abundance and find true love. Now that’s what life is all about!”


Proxy testing is muscle testing that is done on a proxy- a person who acts in place of another person. If Jane in England wants to help Alice in Australia, she can act as proxy for Alice herself, using self-testing, or she can also have an assistant act as proxy for Alice. Then Jane can carry out the work as normal, just as if Alice were right there, and all the while intending to help Alice. When Jane is done, she or her assistant will make sure to disconnect again from Alice- just like hanging up the phone at the end of a chat.
Actually, proxy testing works quite a bit like how cellular phones work. Our bodies have a built-in capability to quickly and easily “dial” someone else, and create an energetic connection with them. Once you’re connected, you can get answers about what is going on with this other person’s body, because you’re picking up their energetic signal. Then once you know what needs to be fixed, you can fix it on the proxy person as well, and it corrects the problem on the person who you’re intending to help, no matter how far away they are.


“Doing The Emotion Code is like doing surgery on the energy body. We are literally looking for “malignant” or harmful energies that need to be removed, then we remove them, and the energy body has to heal and reorganize or regain it’s balance. If you were to do actual surgery to have a tumor removed, you would expect to have at least a few days of downtime afterward. Your surgeon would also likely tell you what to expect during this healing time, and he or she would also advise you to get extra rest in order to allow the body to heal. The advice after a session with The Emotion Code is just about the same! Be aware that if you feel out of sorts, have┬áchanges in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or emotional ups and downs, this is totally normal! Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get lots of rest, and let your energy body heal itself. You may not notice anything weird or negative, you might just feel great, but it’s better to be aware just in case.”


Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is an ancient method of healing from Tibet. “Rei” means “universal” and “ki” corresponds to the “life force energy” known as Chi or prana in other Eastern systems like acupuncture or yoga. Thus, Reiki refers to the healing qualities of “universal life force energy.” Rediscovered in the late 19th century by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui, Reiki works on physical, mental and emotional levels, restoring balance to body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is not meant to replace professional medical advice but rather to complement other treatment modalities by encouraging very deep relaxation. Practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe medication.

“You Are The Colors You Choose”…


Sessions are available in person at Wendy’s home office or at your home for an “Aura-Soma” gathering.

“You are the colors you choose”
-Vicky Wall, Creator & Founder of Aura-Soma

Aura-Soma is a consciousness raising tool to learn about your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional self– through color as expressed through 106 bottles. Aura-Soma is a complex road map weaving the ancient teachings of Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and the Tree of Life through its labyrinth.

Sessions are available in person choosing from a beautiful array of 106 Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles.

1 hour session (includes 1 bottle)

1 Aura-Soma PARTY (gather your friends). Contact Wendy to arrange a party.

Having a birthday, wedding party, bridal shower, coming of age ceremony, need some inspiration with friends there to witness and share? This is a perfect gathering for you! Wendy brings bottles and products and you have fun in your home learning more about how wonderful you AND your friends are! Price includes mini-consults for participants, a special gift for the person of honor and little treats for the participants. Party can come to Wendy’s home office with the full array of 106 beautiful bottles to choose from.

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