Speaking Engagements

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Past Events

Bright Birthing Monthly Village Circle

8/30/15 – Introductory class for Introducing Solids and Making Your Own Baby Food (brightbirthing.com); Participants can join me at Bend Yoga for more in the Fall!

2015 Fall Classes at Bend Yoga Charlottesville

Starting Solids/First Foods for Babies

Please join me for an engaging and informative conversation about this important milestone. Learn about starting solid foods for your babies from a whole-foods perspective, when to start, how to minimize food allergies and sensitivities, in addition to time-and money-saving tips for making your own baby food. Delicious recipes and tastings will be included to help get you started on this journey.

Navigating Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities in Your Home

With the amount of food allergies and sensitivities on the rise, please join me for this class to help you navigate these shifts in your own family. Learn how to make “Eating Without” easier and even fun.  Come learn some basics about common food allergens, what to look for on food labels, how to substitute some of your favorite foods and questions to ask your local grocery stores or restaurants.  Leave with more confidence to bring back to your daily living and the potential for a different perspective.

Feeding the “Picky” Eaters

Nourishing Our Toddlers – (even if “picky”)- Does your child sometimes say “no” to even his/her “favorite foods”? Are you trying to navigate the desires of your little one’s? Please join Wendy for a talk focusing on some behaviors to anticipate, how to make mealtimes more enjoyable, tips for creating healthy boundaries around food and eating, and what toddlers need for growth and development.

Effects of Sugar on Children

In this talk, Wendy focuses on ways that nutritional changes can be an important component in managing the effects of sugar on children. Some examples include a discussion of which sweeteners to remove from your family’s diet, a review and sampling of sweeteners to use for long-term health, and choosing food for overall blood sugar balance.
Class 5: Suggestions & Easy How-to’s for Meals with Caregivers

Suggestions and Easy How To’s for Meals with Caregivers

In this talk, Wendy will address some common questions that arise between new parents and their well intentioned and loving grandparents and/or caregiver helpers. Some of the topics discussed include ideas for healthy substitutions to common foods, suggestions for “what to prepare” or tasks that are helpful to you, as well as tools for compromising that can pave the way to receiving help.

Presentations in Educational (K-12) Arena

  • University Montessori School
    11/08 – Healthy Eating for Kids
  • Peabody School
    10/04 – Nutritional and Wellness Basics for Today’s Children
    – Healthy Eating and Division of Responsibility
    11/04  – Food Advertising on TV
    – Alternative Sweeteners for Halloween
  • Body Mind Spirit Yoga Studio
    4-class series for Feeding Babies and Children and Family Health
    09/08 and 10/08
  • Divine Play
    03/12 – Sweetness Without Sugar Playshop
  • Nia and Nourishment 4-Class Series
    5/03  Vashon Island
    06/04 Charlottesville, VA
  • Coming to Your Senses Retreat at SevenOaks Retreat Center
    4/11 Coming to Your Senses with Deep Nourishment
  • Divine Play
    11/11 – Reiki for Kids

Parent Testimonial

Thank you for a great Parent Ed night.  This time the topic was healthy eating for kids, which I was half tempted to miss because I feel like we’re doing “okay” in that department.  I thought I could just as easily pick up a book or check some websites and get all the info I needed.  But I’m so glad I decided to go!  I think devoting that hour and change to listening to and asking questions about the topic of healthy eating really moved it into the forefront of my mind in a way that merely leafing through a book would not.  Besides, given how long my “books to read” list is already, was I *really* going to go get a kids’ nutrition book and read it?  And as busy as I am, who has time?  That would have taken much more than an hour and a half!  Much better to just go to the Parent Ed night and have it all presented, with handouts.  I also enjoyed getting to see other parents.

I woke up the morning after the talk and was immediately armed with new ideas for things to prepare for the kids’ lunches, and you know what?  I already had everything in the house!  I just hadn’t been thinking about some of those things as “lunchy” foods.  I feel a lot less intimidated by tackling the next tier of healthy eating goals and practices, and I feel validated knowing that I am building on a foundation that was already a good start.  Plus, the grocery list handout that she gave us, organized by sections of the store, is super helpful.  I’m going to make one of those up for another store I frequent.  That really will be a huge time saver on grocery shopping day.

All of Wendy’s handouts were invaluable.  I did something that I’d like to pass on as a suggestion to other families.  I decided to three-hole-punch Wendy’s handouts and stick them in a binder, along with a handout of Healthy Lunch Ideas.  Now I’ve got a place to keep my ripped-out-magazine recipes and photocopied articles about feeding kids, in a handy spot, not filed away somewhere in the office, where I’ll never see these ideas again.

This talk last night was a great investment of my time!”

-C.G., parent of 2 and Moderator, Parents Network of Charlottesville

Corporate and Other Engagements

  • Jewish Community Center of Rochester
    11/14 – Embracing Sweetness in Our Lives and our Communities
  • Annual Gaia Gathering 2012
    5/12 –  Gluten Free and Easy
  • Mindful Living Series at the University of Virginia
    2/12 – Holistic Approach to Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyles for Students
    with Sweetness Without Sugar
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine at Kernan Hospital 10/08 – Approaching Nutrition with Your Patients
  • Babies R Us
    10/08 –  Information for Babies, Children and Families
  • Brain Injury Recovery Group
    2/08 – A 4-class series addressing Adrenal Balance, Balanced Hormone, Omega Fats and Protein for Brain Injury
  • GE Fanuc
    1/08 – Be Great in 2008 – Nutrition
  • Downtown Family Health Integrative Health Center
    11/06 – Holiday Health – a 2 –class series
  • Five Star Fitness
    1/06 – Resolution Weight Loss Series 1/06 – a 4-class series
  • Best of What’s Around Farm, LLC
    06/05 – Benefits of Eating Grass Fed Beef

Event Director Testimonial

“Thank you again for being part of our cherished Jewish Book Festival. We loved having you here and the reviews have been great! Everyone is still buzzing about your presentation and I hope you feel proud of your contributions both written and verbal.”

– LH, Festival Director