Not All Sugar is Created Equally

Not All Sugar is Created Equally

In this video, I try to help you see the difference among different types of sugar and different sweeteners.

Last week, I shared a pretty long list from Sweetness without Sugar of obesity and the potential health problems from both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

But totally eliminating all these sweeteners from your diet right away is tough.

It’s more realistic at the start to try to cut out the most harmful sweeteners and cut down on the rest. You can also realize health benefits from eating sweets differently. For example, a piece of fruit offers fiber and vitamins along with sweetness, so the natural sugar will have a lower impact on blood sugar.

Also, not everything advertised as “alternative” is going to be healthier for every person. For example, pure maple syrup with nothing else in it or even stevia (or products containing stevia) may not work well with your body chemistry. The only way to know for sure is to try different sweeteners in different forms and see how you feel afterwards.