Photo: NickHarris1/via Flickr

Photo: NickHarris1/via Flickr

As the end of summer approaches, with many children back in school, we can maintain a bit of summer by making lemonade (an easy recipe below). The expression quoted in the title of this post expresses a reality that can be applied to many situations in our lives.

What is trash, junk and unwanted by one, may be a treasure or treat of another. In our food supply, some variables remain junk, such as GMOs, artificial sweeteners, trans fatty acids, and refined sugar. However, many of us may indulge in food products containing this junk, whether knowingly or not. We can also have what we want by making different choices. We can choose organic, non-GMO corn chips and healthy lemonade as a soda alternative, without refined sugar!

As individuals we can choose whether we like tart or sweet lemonade and then choose our sweetener. We can do this in our lives. We can choose to see seemingly negative life situations in a “sweeter” perspective. Lemons and lemon water, though perhaps bitter or sour to taste, help alkalinize our body and hydrate our cells, adding some benefits, “sweetness” and another perspective on the initial taste.

As much of our food supply has hidden and unwanted sweeteners, our circumstances or life stories may also have parts we hide as well as unexpected surprises. Being human means we can think about these things differently and what a gift. Below, after the recipe, is a link to a short video that demonstrates this so beautifully. I hope you enjoy it. Perhaps your relationship to the sour and/or sweetness in your life may change?

Easy Yummy Lemonade

2-3 organic lemons
filtered water
stevia liquid
glass jar, quart-size

Cut lemons in half and squeeze juice into a quart-sized glass jar. Fill the rest with filtered water. Add about 5-10 drops of stevia liquid, to taste. I recommend either SweetLeaf or NuNaturals brand stevia.

I have made this as individual water bottles for the kids where I squeeze the juice, add water and a few drops of stevia for their bottle and off we go! If I am more organized, I make it the night before (right in their water bottles) and put it in the refrigerator in preparation for a hot day.

Enjoy your journey as you ebb and flow between sweet and less sweet and the tweaks we can make along the way.