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Sweetness Without Sugar:  A Resource Guide for Delicious Dairy-, Egg-, and Gluten- Free Treats Made with Healthy Sweeteners

Wendy Vigdor-Hess, Registered Dietician, has done 7 years of hard work to demystify our insidious sugar obsession in her book Sweetness Without Sugar.  Wendy has loved sweets and chocolate for as long as she can remember, so she understands our society’s obsession with sugar.

Sweetness Without Sugar is not about eliminating sweetness, it is about enjoying sweetness – without the negative effects. The book appeals to a broad range of people; it is a resource guide for delicious dairy, egg and gluten-free treats made with healthy sweeteners. The book includes information on ingredients and several dozen nutritious sweet treat recipes (many vegan and/or raw) that are allergen-free and do not compromise taste or substitute one undesired ingredient for another like many recipes and products do.

Sweetness Without Sugar is a practical guide with explanations, charts, tables, and website references that you will enthusiastically read and use.

In the United States, cases of diabetes and obesity are on the rise. Research has also linked high cholesterol and excessive sugar consumption to a myriad of illnesses. Sweetness Without Sugar is a timely, indispensable resource offering us tangible ways to transition into wellness.

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Sweetness Without Sugar offers:

  • An exploration into our emotional connections to sugar
  • Motivation to adjust our consumption of dairy products, eggs, wheat, soy, and gluten
  • A guide for replacing common allergens and replacing refined sugars with natural sweeteners
  • Information about essential fatty acids, high-fructose corn syrup, and soy
  • Fortifying with superfoods
  • Tips for spotting sweet ingredients on food labels
  • Solutions for re-creating our favorite treats
  • Sweet support for healthy pregnancy
  • Over 60 simple-to-prepare, delicious recipes:  bars and cookies; soda alternatives; raw treats; cakes; smoothies; truffles and frozen delights

Sweetness Without Sugar


Whether you have special dietary needs or a wish to  improve your health in gradual steps, Sweetness Without Sugar shows you how to “have your cake and eat it too”!

“…Wendy’s book is a well-researched compilation of all she has learned as a nutritionist, mother, healer and counselor. She provides supportive guidance in every nourishing word.”

—Susan Tate, M.A., author of Wellness Wisdom: 31 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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Wendy Vigdor-HessWendy Vigdor-Hess has been a lover of sweets since birth. As a nutritionist, educator, speaker and consultant for nearly 18 years, she passionately spreads the message that addressing challenges through diet is an important key to a healthy and happy life.