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Family Nutrition and Healing by Wendy Vigdor-Hess

Combining her training as a Registered Dietician, in pre-and perinatal education, as an energy healer and coach, Wendy is pleased to offer a conscious and mindful eating approach in her work with parents and children.  She offers classes for children and families in addition to adult groups through workshops, school presentations, youth programs and lectures around the country.

In addition to nutrition, we often think about the clothes or accessories we wear, yet, have you ever wondered what the style, shape, condition or inner status of our bodies, skin, or attitudes would say? We wear these everyday too and they can help us shine and add to our optimal health! These important considerations are integrated into the classes offered.

Wendy prepares specific workshops tailored for you, your colleagues, friends and/or family. Please let her know topics of special interest.

Family Nutrition & Healing Class Topics can include but are not limited to:

If you have a group of 4 or more, I will offer my class in your home.  I add classes frequently so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and to schedule.

Upcoming Workshops & Events:

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Mama Daughter Dance!

WHO: Mamas and their daughters (can also be Aunties, Grandmothers, favorite friends, etc… not just mothers)
Saturday, January 6, 2018
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
DRESS:  Semi-formal so dress up and have fun!
LOCATION: 469 Shannon Farm Lane  Afton, VA 22920


ALTHEA and I will go get supplies and giveaways ahead of time!!!

Please feel free TO SHARE this with your friends as this is an open Mother Daughter Event!! Visit to share with your FB friends.

Althea Adores doing this with her daddy and it tickles my heart for her to want to do it with me too.  We want to create this new tradition near Solstice and the holidays for we mamas, aunties and women to get out to celebrate all fancy together!!


TICKETS: $22 per pair (Includes small fee for online purchase)

Additional child $10 each:

Life Reimagined Retreat

Click image to enlarge

WHEN: Saturday, January 27, 9:30am – 4pm

LOCATION: Salamander Resort & Spa
500 N Pendleton St, Middleburg, Virginia 20117

Are You Sick Of…

  • Chasing endless self-development fads and trends to – never fully feeling like you are “getting it right”?
  • Working hard to keep your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in check?
  • Knowing what you need to do to feel better yet unable to get yourself to do it consistently?
  • Wanting life to feel a different but unsure how to move yourself forward?

If this resonates, we would love for you to join us for a full day exploration into an simple, timeless, proven approach to navigating life at the Life Reimagined Retreat on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in Middleburg, VA.

Click here for all the details:

Mama Son Dance!

Click image to enlarge

WHO: Mamas and their sons (can also be Aunties, Grandmothers, favorite friends, etc… not just mothers)
Saturday, February 10, 2018
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
DRESS:  Semi-formal so dress up and have fun!
LOCATION: 2825 Hydraulic Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901

SOLOMON and I will go get supplies and giveaways ahead of time!!!

Please feel free TO SHARE this with your friends as this is an open Mother Son Event!! Visit to share with your FB friends.

Our daughter goes to a Father Daughter Dance this time of year and she loves it.  We mamas can share in the fun with our SONS!  Come join us!


TICKETS: $22 per pair (Includes small fee for online purchase)

Additional child $10 each:


Always Available

Personal Care Classes

An “a-la-carte” series with a focus on ways to “green up and clean up” your home, personal space and environment, whether on the inside or out. Using organically grown plants and herbs, these gatherings will support you and your family in having natural ways to clean your home, enhance your environment and inner well-being. Using wildcrafted herbs and therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils, classes invite you to bask in the fun and delightful sensory experience while supporting your family to be surrounded by less toxins.

Email Wendy to Schedule

Empowering Essentials for Families

A series of classes available for supporting family resilience through learning and growing our knowledge of more natural ways to foster connection with the earth, our children and our community. With at least one unique class offered a month, we will cover topics such as “creating your own herbal medicine kit,” “strategies for healthy meal planning and creation,” “making soothing salves,” “creating healthy boundaries,” “valuing integrity at farmer’s markets” “encouraging nature connection,” “finding your animal guide” and more.

Email Wendy to Schedule

Rethinking Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease support Charlottesville, VAWhether you or someone you love has Lyme disease, this class offers tangible information to help along the way.  Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RDN, CECP and Melanie Dorion, NP are offering this class series both as professionals working with people affected by Lyme and as having experienced and recovered from Lyme Disease themselves. This is a practical, well informed and thorough overview of this “tricky bugger!” Learn more about tests and treatment options, discover helpful insights of how having Lyme can shift your life in positive ways. We will offer “how to’s” broken down into steps to take as appropriate for you.  Get back to your healthy active self!!

Click here to view the pdf flyer for more information

Date:  Available anytime
Time: On your own schedule; at your convenience
Price: $347 for webinar series
Venue: Your home or contact Wendy to arrange an in person seminar at your location!

Email Wendy to Schedule

Sugar Series Comprehensive E-Course

Wendy and her dear friend Megan Buer, CECP bring you an easy to follow E-course.  Using concepts written in Wendy’s book plus tangible steps to take, the course incorporates a mind-body approach to food that explores options beyond substituting sweeteners and specific recipes.  This is a “how-to” guide with self-love at its core.

Learn More

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Praise for Wendy’s Family Nutrition & Healing Workshops

“Thank you for a great Parent Ed night.  This time the topic was healthy eating for kids, which I was half tempted to miss because I feel like we’re doing “okay” in that department.  I thought I could just as easily pick up a book or check some websites and get all the info I needed.  But I’m so glad I decided to go!  I think devoting that hour and change to listening to and asking questions about the topic of healthy eating really moved it into the forefront of my mind in a way that merely leafing through a book would not.  Besides, given how long my “books to read” list is already, was I *really* going to go get a kids’ nutrition book and read it?  And as busy as I am, who has time?  That would have taken much more than an hour and a half!  Much better to just go to the Parent Ed night and have it all presented, with handouts.  I also enjoyed getting to see other parents.

I woke up the morning after the talk and was immediately armed with new ideas for things to prepare for the kids’ lunches, and you know what?  I already had everything in the house!  I just hadn’t been thinking about some of those things as “lunchy” foods.  I feel a lot less intimidated by tackling the next tier of healthy eating goals and practices, and I feel validated knowing that I am building on a foundation that was already a good start.  Plus, the grocery list handout that she gave us, organized by sections of the store, is super helpful.  I’m going to make one of those up for another store I frequent.  That really will be a huge time saver on grocery shopping day.

All of Wendy’s handouts were invaluable.  I did something that I’d like to pass on as a suggestion to other families.  I decided to three-hole-punch Wendy’s handouts and stick them in a binder, along with a handout of Healthy Lunch Ideas.  Now I’ve got a place to keep my ripped-out-magazine recipes and photocopied articles about feeding kids, in a handy spot, not filed away somewhere in the office, where I’ll never see these ideas again.

This talk last night was a great investment of my time!”

parent of 2 and Moderator, Parents Network of Charlottesville
“Bill and Wendy won us over with their warmth and kindness. Spending a day with them was like being with age old friends. I especially appreciate their breadth of knowledge and experience in lasting communion. They are both an inspiration as a couple and wonderful to learn from. We are excited to see what they come up with next!”
Anonymous on Embracing Balance for Real Relationships
“Wendy and Bill bring compassion, laughter, years of dedicated experience, and total acceptance for whatever comes up during their couples workshops.”
Anonymous on Embracing Balance for Real Relationships
“Wendy helped me locate the best options for my families health and provided energetic support when things were very hard! I appreciate her energy work and recommend it to other families who need that extra support during difficult times. It was especially helpful for our health!”
“Wendy Vigdor Hess is a true healer! When our son was having some emotional “growing pains” going on, we asked Wendy for some support. Not only did she provide deep healing energy for him, she ended up working on and supporting our WHOLE family… “
K.R., Chicago, IL