The Sweet Is on the Inside

As a culture, it seems we have a voracious appetite for purchasing and that many of our holidays and seasonal celebrations have been relegated to marketing to the “don’t haves or wish we could have” soft spots within our human states. Whether it is to our appetites or desire for sugar and other addictive foods [...]

A Birthday Blessing Ritual for the 7 year Old Child

My hubby and I celebrated each of our babies in many ways. When I was within a week of birth for each of them (we had scheduled "Birth by Special Openings" for them), we made a belly cast. It was on Valentine's Day for our son and early May for our daughter.  We were outside [...]

Birth by Special Opening Birth Plan

Birth is amazing, messy, challenging, ecstatic, tear-filled, and more all at the same time.  No matter how it happens.  Whether at home, a birthing center, in water, or at a hospital this can be true. What are your birth stories?  Were your needs met during pregnancy and birth? Did you feel empowered in your choices? [...]