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EarthWeek C’ville Eco Fair

During this time of a fast paced life with obesity diabetes and cancer on the rise, the importance of keeping a positive outlook to life and our food choices is more important than ever.  This past Sunday, I was excited to speak during Charlottesville Earth Week at the Eco-Fair and to share some simple tips and ideas [...]

The Sweet Is on the Inside

As a culture, it seems we have a voracious appetite for purchasing and that many of our holidays and seasonal celebrations have been relegated to marketing to the “don’t haves or wish we could have” soft spots within our human states. Whether it is to our appetites or desire for sugar and other addictive foods [...]

What’s the Big Deal About Gluten?

Photo: ilovememphis/Flickr. Gluten, the protein found in wheat and products containing wheat, is hidden in many common foods. During baking, the protein makes the final product stick together. Research has shown that when gluten breaks down during digestion, it produces a mild opiate effect. Unfortunately, gluten sensitivity is linked to common diseases such [...]

Are You Substituting Sugar for the Real Sweetness of Life?

Photo: michale/Flickr. “The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or 'sweetness.'” ― Marion Woodman People may think that humans are so wired by evolution to eat sugar whenever they can get it that there's not much hope to avoid unhealthy sweets in today's food economy, when they're available everywhere and [...]

Eat a Red Rainbow and Shine!

Eating a rainbow of colors not only makes eating fun and colorful, but also adds a variety of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  We benefit from increasing our fruit and vegetable intake to help offset our depleted soil, higher levels of pollution, pesticides, herbicides, and other environmental toxins. As a concept, this is fun to [...]

A sweet new year

Photo: hannaheintz/via Flickr There are many beginnings and endings. We see them in the seasons, in the plant world, friendships, relationships, goals and more. As our children returned to school this week, I have reflected on the end of summer and beginning of a new school rhythm. Our son has a new teacher [...]

More Than Obesity: Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Cause Dozens of Health Problems

Photo: Artondra Hall/Flickr. The rising trend in obesity suggests that Americans are currently at their heaviest weight in history. Figures show that obesity (66% of the population) costs the American economy $75 billion per year. One out of three children and one of four teenagers are overweight or at risk. In 2006, the [...]