Food sourcing

Fall Cleansing

Here is a blog post that I wrote for Motherhouse of the Goddess: There are many ways to cleanse including supplements, exercise/sweat, eating whole foods, embracing positive attitudes, and receiving bodywork. Meeting yourself where you are and being honest about it is a good first step. This can alleviate a lot of undue stress, self-criticism [...]

Bringing Conscious Consumption to the Present Moment

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking at the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival.  This topic of Conscious Consumption encompasses a large topic that we face in our more modern times.  What does "eating healthy" really mean? Living in a time where we can obtain anything with relative ease, we need to become savvy in our choices not only from the [...]

EarthWeek C’ville Eco Fair

During this time of a fast paced life with obesity diabetes and cancer on the rise, the importance of keeping a positive outlook to life and our food choices is more important than ever.  This past Sunday, I was excited to speak during Charlottesville Earth Week at the Eco-Fair and to share some simple tips and ideas [...]

How to Avoid GMO Foods

Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually. For full size graphic, click here.   If you're trying to stay away from food products that contain high fructose corn syrup or MSG, you can read the ingredient labels. But if you're trying to avoid genetically modified organisms, it's [...]

Questions About Using Soy

Photo: Augapfel/Flickr. In recent years, much has been written about soy. Experts disagree about whether soy is a new health breakthrough, a dangerous fad or somewhere in between. Here, I'm offering some guidelines from Chapter 9 of Sweetness without Sugar for you to decide whether eating more food products and recipes made with [...]

More Than Obesity: Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Cause Dozens of Health Problems

Photo: Artondra Hall/Flickr. The rising trend in obesity suggests that Americans are currently at their heaviest weight in history. Figures show that obesity (66% of the population) costs the American economy $75 billion per year. One out of three children and one of four teenagers are overweight or at risk. In 2006, the [...]