Ways for New Parents to Get Help and Support!

As I work with more families supporting integration in a variety of ways, I keep returning to basics.  Love, Support, Help, Heard, Seen.  No matter how capable, accomplished and/or independent a person is, times of transition and change offer up life opportunities for something bigger than ourselves. Are you a new parent? Do you remember [...]

A Birthday Blessing Ritual for the 7 year Old Child

My hubby and I celebrated each of our babies in many ways. When I was within a week of birth for each of them (we had scheduled "Birth by Special Openings" for them), we made a belly cast. It was on Valentine's Day for our son and early May for our daughter.  We were outside [...]

Birth by Special Opening Birth Plan

Birth is amazing, messy, challenging, ecstatic, tear-filled, and more all at the same time.  No matter how it happens.  Whether at home, a birthing center, in water, or at a hospital this can be true. What are your birth stories?  Were your needs met during pregnancy and birth? Did you feel empowered in your choices? [...]