Wendy’s book and others she recommends for personal and family wellness, healing and health.

Sweetness Without Sugar:

A Resource Guide for Delicious Dairy-, Egg-, and Gluten- Free Treats Made with Healthy Sweeteners

Wendy Vigdor-Hess, Registered Dietitian, has done 7 years of hard work to demystify our insidious sugar obsession in her book Sweetness Without Sugar. It’s not about eliminating sweetness, it is about enjoying sweetness – without the negative effects like heart disease, depression, obesity, diabetes, and others. Wendy’s book appeals to a broad range of people, providing a resource guide for delicious dairy, egg and gluten-free treats made with healthy sweeteners. It includes several dozen nutritious sweet treat recipes (many vegan and/or raw) that are allergen-free and do not compromise taste or substitute one undesired ingredient for another like many recipes and products do.

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