Being Over Doing

Being Over Doing

There is so much I want to and intend to write about. This sentence reflects the essence of this post. We are ALL SO AMAZING! We each have a unique something inside of us to share. Many seeds of wisdom and service to share. How do we choose?

Through listening to ourselves we choose. Or NOT. Lately I have heard from so many people about their overwhelm. Time is seemingly speeding up and it seems like there is more to do. Action and living in the present moment requires literally one step at a time. Staying with the “What Is.”


Optimized-Butterfly_TransformationRecently, I “did” a cleaning out, using The KonMarie Method from The Simple Art of Tidying book (see it here). Choosing what brings me JOY and discarding the rest. Simple but not always easy. Have you ever had something right in front of your face and you still choose not to see it, act on it, use it, discard it, or take action in some way? Some examples in my life include the large bottle of Avocado oil on the counter unused, the recumbent bike sitting without a rider, files not used yet not discarded (the place I hesitated with the tidying book). This happens with all sorts of topics whether it is food, diet, health related or other aspects of life.  Con-fronted – with it being in front of us. Showing itself yet we don’t show up. Or…we show up through distracting and making a different choice of where to put our attention.

No amount of ruminating, analyzing, discussing or processing will change, fix, dissolve, or help that which we are avoiding somehow apparate :). It’s in the action that we free ourselves. As one of my teachers has said “It’s not what you do, but who you are that I love.” It’s a conundrum; we need to act but the action and result from taking action doesn’t define us. Who we are is infinitely larger than each action. There is also love in the non-doing while we are putting our attention on something else.

For years, for me, it has been about the doing, the list, measuring myself against what I’ve accomplished or not accomplished and what that means about me. Our societal norms are constructed around these patterns and are more innate than trusting our wisdom from the inside and knowing that we deserve and ARE love, no matter what.

What are your avocado oils, recumbent bikes and piles of papers to be filed? As our lives speed up and are “busier”, how can we return to the simple acts of inspiration derived from within. What are you excited about? What do you procrastinate about in your life? Are those the same in some cases? For me, writing can fall in that category. I enjoy it when I share and write and express through words yet I often find a multitude of ways to distract from that (e.g. the “productive to do list”). Add a comment and share your thoughts. We are not alone!  In these times of change, it is a beautiful time to begin anew….

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