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Atheas_NecklaceI’m so glad you are here!

As a working mom of two young children, I understand the day to day juggling involved in meeting other people’s needs while tending to my own.  I understand that life’s challenges of work and full schedules can tweak best intentions of good health, feeding your family wholesome food and staying on track with goals.

I am truly excited to offer simple solutions to common concerns and ways to connect to your family’s health potential, vitality, balance and purpose.  Combined with my years of professional trainings, I will share wisdom from the years spent “working on my health” with many “solutions to fix my problems.” Some common feelings and themes have included overwhelm, depression, depletion and “scatter mind” along with the “roller coaster” and seemingly endless journey to no-whereI The more I have shared my stories, I have recognized how many people can relate!

Please join this growing community of people finding ease through authentically expressing their humanity. Clearing away patterns and understanding the power of our thoughts about food and healing can create an environment within to just be present and breathe with more ease. The thoughts can be there but you can have a different relationship with them and with yourself! You don’t have to do this alone.  Together we can awaken to deeper understanding that comes from a well of self acceptance and self love.  Let’s nourish the radiant being we are from the inside out!  Let’s begin now!