Sweetness Without Sugar Meets KathEats

 (From I’m so excited to share this post today from Registered Dietitian Wendy! Her advice on sugar is spot-on! Hi there Kath Eats Real Food readers! I’m Wendy, a RDN, Intuitive & Transformational Coach and CECP who writes, speaks, educates, and consults about passionate and health-full living for families and organizations.  I am the author [...]

Not All Sugar is Created Equally

In this video, I try to help you see the difference among different types of sugar and different sweeteners. Last week, I shared a pretty long list from Sweetness without Sugar of obesity and the potential health problems from both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. But totally eliminating all these sweeteners from your diet right [...]

More Than Obesity: Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners Cause Dozens of Health Problems

Photo: Artondra Hall/Flickr. The rising trend in obesity suggests that Americans are currently at their heaviest weight in history. Figures show that obesity (66% of the population) costs the American economy $75 billion per year. One out of three children and one of four teenagers are overweight or at risk. In 2006, the [...]