Natural Sweeteners

Not All Sugar is Created Equally

In this video, I try to help you see the difference among different types of sugar and different sweeteners. Last week, I shared a pretty long list from Sweetness without Sugar of obesity and the potential health problems from both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. But totally eliminating all these sweeteners from your diet right [...]

Making Sweet Lemonade From Lemons

Photo: NickHarris1/via Flickr As the end of summer approaches, with many children back in school, we can maintain a bit of summer by making lemonade (an easy recipe below). The expression quoted in the title of this post expresses a reality that can be applied to many situations in our lives. What is [...]

Chocolate Fudge Ice Pop

Chocolate fudge ice pop pictured with other flavors. Photo by Sraddha Van Dyke. This recipe tastes wonderful in cold or warm weather. I’ve worked with people who get excited about having a low-fat, artificially-sweetened or sugar-laden frozen treat for a night-time snack. This tasty ice pop alternative, containing protein and healthy fat (to offset the natural fruit sugar) will provide satiety and satisfy your sweet tooth! […]

Recipe for Healthier Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Crispy Treats have been a favorite in our family for a long time. Our two kids, ages seven and five, not only love to eat them. They also love to help make them. The recipe from Sweetness without Sugar is so easy that I'm sure your kids will love to help too. Sweetened with healthier brown [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect for the holiday season and anytime. Chocolate Chip Cookies –try these nutritious and delicious cookies to share with friends and loved-ones over the holiday season ... People have asked me for a version of the “real kind” of chocolate chip cookies. After many trials, I created these cookies, which are tasty like the more [...]

Thumbprint Cookies (aka, Bun in Oven Cookies)

These cookies were inspired by Cynthia Lair and recipes for other jelly-filled cookies. The dough works well for “traditional” holiday cookies made into a variety of shapes using cookie cutters. Cookies may be topped with natural decorating colors (see the book’s Appendix and Resources section on page 302), raisins, or vegan carob chips to make faces and designs to share with your loved ones. […]