Herbal medicine

How To Boost Your Nutrition In 5 Easy Ways

In honor of National Nutrition Month, I want to highlight some easy ways to boost your nutrition in easy ways.  It is common for me to hear from clients how modern life with multitasking, stress and overwhelm tend to override our best attempts to make healthy food choices.  There is no "perfect" or even a [...]

Essential Oils for Grounding

It has been very windy where I live lately.  Lots of high winds and movement.  A friend recently said "I feel the winds of change happening!!" Depending upon your state of mind in each moment, wind can feel off-putting or bring a sense of "losing your balance" or "feeling too exposed." What is your relationship [...]

Easy Herbal and Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is fun all year round whether they are gifts of our time, helping others out, buying something small that reminds you of someone or bringing food to a family.  We have the capacity to give and receive in so many ways!  What are some of your favorite gifts to give?  Do you enjoy [...]

Eating Greens for an Energy Boost!

Here is a blog post that I wrote for Motherhouse of the Goddess: With the garden bounties happening and more around the corner, I thought it would be fun to write about some greens to add into your diet.  The benefits of greens are countless.  They contain minerals (especially high in vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, [...]

Nourishing Nettle Rose and Mimosa Moon

"I love nettles and nettles loves me" is a quote that I took on from my 3 year herbal training with Sacred Plant Traditions.  There is a little jig that goes with it that if in public I may  not do it but I always do in my head :).  Nettles packs a plenty and [...]