Easy Herbal and Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is fun all year round whether they are gifts of our time, helping others out, buying something small that reminds you of someone or bringing food to a family.  We have the capacity to give and receive in so many ways!  What are some of your favorite gifts to give?  Do you enjoy [...]

Relating with More Ease

I've found myself having a variety of emotions relating to current events, coverage of the news, seeing reactions and riding with my own.  It occurs to me that as a coach, RDN and energy healer, "my work" is about relationships.  Whether it is discussing a relationship with food, with oneself, a partner, an illness, a [...]

EarthWeek C’ville Eco Fair

During this time of a fast paced life with obesity diabetes and cancer on the rise, the importance of keeping a positive outlook to life and our food choices is more important than ever.  This past Sunday, I was excited to speak during Charlottesville Earth Week at the Eco-Fair and to share some simple tips and ideas [...]

Ways for New Parents to Get Help and Support!

As I work with more families supporting integration in a variety of ways, I keep returning to basics.  Love, Support, Help, Heard, Seen.  No matter how capable, accomplished and/or independent a person is, times of transition and change offer up life opportunities for something bigger than ourselves. Are you a new parent? Do you remember [...]

Embracing YOUR Sweetness

I hope you enjoyed my guest blog post written for KathEats just before Thanksgiving.  It was fun to write it and share more about the subject of sweetness while also providing some suggestions for enjoying the season with your blood sugar balanced and a sense of calm and curiosity. I love connecting with people.  It is [...]

A Birthday Blessing Ritual for the 7 year Old Child

My hubby and I celebrated each of our babies in many ways. When I was within a week of birth for each of them (we had scheduled "Birth by Special Openings" for them), we made a belly cast. It was on Valentine's Day for our son and early May for our daughter.  We were outside [...]

July Event

Wendy gave a talk and food tasting and signed books.